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Trump Declares War On French Wine

Trump declares war on French wine

The president of the United States accuses Paris of “taxing American wine a lot”, while Washington, on the other hand, “taxes French wine very little”, he says.

In fact, European regulations impose these customs, which can vary from 11 to 29 cents per bottle for American wines, while French bottles that arrive on tables across the Atlantic are taxed less. The figures vary between 5.3 and 19 cents per bottle, again depending on the type of wine. These customs duties are therefore asymmetrical.

But the United States remains the number 1 destination for the export of French wines. And this trend is set to continue, since last year, sales of French wines and spirits to this country jumped by more than 4%, weighing in at more than 3 billion euros.

The French, are also increasingly appreciating vintages from California, since American wine imports have doubled over the last ten years. For these winegrowers, France is also the leading outlet for their exports.

Last November, Donald Trump had already raised the threat of a rise in customs duties on French wines, while other European countries apply the same rules.

What the tenant of the White House is actually pointing out is the trade deficit between Paris and Washington. The balance weighs in France’s favour, and last year this deficit widened by more than 3% in the goods sector to almost EUR 14 billion. Trade negotiations between the Union and the United States began yesterday, while Brussels wants to exclude the agricultural sector from these talks.


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