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Once the country of destination has been chosen, it is still necessary to study the taxes and fees:

Not all countries are centralized like France and especially for federal countries (Germany, USA, Spain, Switzerland, …). They have a multiplicity of taxes and various taxes ranging from 0% tax to  40% on companies.

  • Taxes on office spaces, taxes on production equipment, taxes on inheritance tax.
  • Is it possible to set up a holding company and bring up the profits of foreign subsidiaries located in countries where taxation is deterrent?
  • But also what is the level of tax control?
  • How harsh are the penalties?
  • What is the level of contestation or negotiation of a tax decision?
  • What is the power of the auditors?
  • What currencies can one work with in this country? What is the state of the banks in this country? Can one work from this place but have bank accounts abroad? And with foreign currencies?
  • Would it be better to send transactions through this country for tax optimisation reasons or, on the contrary, if taxation is too high in this country, can profits be consolidated in a neighbouring country?
  • What are the customs duties? Can one benefit from preferential arrangements depending on the origin of the products or their final destination?

The consultants of Businexport are at your disposal for a complete study and a step-by-step guidance.

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