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Once the country of destination has been chosen, we will evaluate the logistical completeness of the warehousing,

Some countries seem at first glance very attractive located in free zones or on the border of large markets (low-cost labour),…and may even benefit from preferential treatment.

Yes But! You have to deal with all the elements of logistics:

  • Customs: bonded warehouses, EDI, customs transit,
  • HR: poorly trained and unmotivated staff, theft, breakage, deterioration, health standards,
  • Information and EDI: Big data and traceability, Electronic Data Interchange,
  • Buildings: lack of space, design of the premises, can we optimise the working space? Securing the premises, over-stocking, should the warehouse be rented or bought?
  • Costs: Cost of transport? Price of diesel fuel locally? Easy pallet rental? Ease and cost of containers, e-commerce and non-polluting logistics: urban / last mile logistics,.

Our consultants will weigh up the pros and cons but also study the possible evolutions on the long term in order to have scalable storage solutions because a warehouse does not change with a snap of the fingers!

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