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We provide assistance in managing your international risks, securing your contracts and insuring the durability of your projects.

Our specialisation in the operational management of import and export contracts, we will help to solve the following issues:

  • When negociating with a client, when to start placing orders
  • When should I start protecting myself on the foreign exchange risk?
  • How do I get pre-financing to start manufacturing ?
  • At what point in the negociation of a contract, should I start contacting my service providers (carriers, insurance companies, banks, etc…)?
  • What are the key moments in my negotiation? Letter of Intent (LOI) ? The signing of the contract? The payment of the deposit? Coming into force?
  • How can I manage all these aspects, especially if it is very punctual?

Our specialists will take care of the administrative tasks as international trade professionals, without delay and with no errors. 

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