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We provide you with solutions to reduce your import and export costs (Cost Killing):

  • Some service providers develop sophisticated strategies to increase their costs.
  • Some mask their cost inflation by sending you multiple small bills,
  • Otjers conceal unnecessary costs under various headings; handing fee, opening fee, amendment fee, extension fee. etc.

We know all the tricks used by some service providers to impose hidden costs.

Why us?

Many service providers, such as bankers and transporters, only satisfy your instructions without ever advising you on the opportunities for savings, time savings, tax or customs optimization.

Because we assign you the best experts in the field, we can assist you in all your steps from the definition of a strategy, operational management and then until the conclusion of the operation.

What is our added value?

  • Our expert have more than 20 years of experience in banks, transport companies and multinationals.
  • Therefore they know the hidden costs and know how to find economies of scale.
  • This allow us to obtain savings of 5 to 10% on the overall amount of your operations (and sometimes even more).

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