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We provide solutions for the management of foreign exchange risk.


  • How to calculate an average foreign exchange rate for a multi-year contract with irregular payments and receips?
  • Can I reduce my selling price through good management of cross-currency purchases? How can win this contract despite a strong Euro?
  • I buy in Japan in Yen and sell in China in Yuans. I have to pay
  • Do I have enough resources to dedicate one peron just to manage this aspect (which can represent several 1% of the total value of the contract)?
  • What does it mean to be carry-over or off-set?
  • Is it possible to buy and sell currencies at a predetermined rate before the contract is signed?
  • It is possible to buy and sell foreign currencies at a predetermined rate before signing the contract? Can I be assured of a fix exchange rate and thus reduce the volatility of the stock market?

A controlled management of foreign currencies can bring several % of additional margin.


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