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We provide you with solutions for your documentary credits (letters of credit L/C)


Documentary credits, letters of credits.

The need of certainty of payment in such volatile markets and more importantly, an immediately accessible source of working capital  where other sources are constrained

That’s why Companies are using so much Documentary Credits  (Letters of Credit) !


  • We provide you with solutions for your documentary credits (letters of credit L/C) ?
  • What are the operational risks on my contract?
  • Are my documents compatible with each other ?
  • Can I get paid faster?
  • Shall I pay my suppliers later, while the bank will pay them in cash (yes it is possible!)?
  • How can I reduce the hidden costs of documentary credits?



Documentary credits, letters of credits.

Are you comfortable with L/C, letters of credit, standBy letter of credit or Documentary remittance ?
Our specialists will provide you with technical assistance in preparing, checking and issuing the documents required by the letter of credit.

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in Letters of credit L/C, our added value is to match your contract with the L/C letter of credit by reducing the risks and guaranteeing your payments!

We offer you: 

  • Technical support to check your documents with RUU 600 and ISPB
  • Professional assistance for the management of your letter of credit L/C
  • Drawing up the terms of your Standby letters of credit based on the terms of your contract.





Banks do not have the liquidity of the past and can no longer give lines to SME’s companies that import or export due to global Financial Crisis and negative interest rates.

An Exporter often require the importer to reduce risk by requiring the Exporter to prove through presentation of documents (Bill of Lading B/L, Certificate of Origin C/O, insurance document, invoice, Etc..) that goods that have been correctly shipped. Banks and Financial Intermediaries may pay on presentation of those documents.

Businexport will check, supervise and correct your providers’ documents (transport, certificate of origin, visas, insurance, ETC…)

Why choose between documentary credits, standby letters of credit, Back to Back letter of credit, transferable credit, import credit, L/C Export, silent confirmation, ETC.




What are the advantages?
Our specialists will avoid mistakes, costs and waste of time. Your payments will be secured and paid on the exact date.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]



asesoramiento de la letra de crédito.
Why Businexport?  


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