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We provide you with solutions regarding payments:

  • How can I reduce my bank charges by at least 10%?
  • How can I reduce the delays (value date) of international bank payments by several days?
  • How to avoid unpaid bills?
  • How can I lock a pre-set exchange rate for several years?
  • How do I manage my VAT in different countries?
  • Allowing my suppliers to be paid in caash, while I pay them with a delay (if possible!)
  • Reduce my bank charges and other hidden costs.
  • How do I offer credit solutions to my customers?
  • How can I guarantee payment abroad?

Default Assistance Services

International non-payments are often due to poor management of International Trade tools: payments, financing, risk management, legal aspects, transport.

We also offer you a supervision and analysis of your international procedures.

For example:

  • Risks of non-payment,
  • Terms and conditions of sale,
  • Choice of payment method,
  • Study of customer solvency to determine credit limits,
  • Risk Management by country and types of clients,
  • Choice of Incoterms
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Segmentation of the deductors, age balance, scoring of customers
  • Pre-litigation, amicable recovery and litigation

Guaranteeing your payments on time for the right amount

  • Taxes, duties and customs duties,
  • Accounting anf financial aspects,
  • Treasury and Credit Management,
  • Sales Administration,
  • Banks, guarantees and sureties,

Good management of your international payments can increase your profit margin

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