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Opportunity Of International Development

Opportunity of International development

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Opportunity of International development

International development is a challenge and a strategic business priority. Generally international expansion are often delayed or abandoned by SME’s because they don’t believe they can compete abroad.

SMEs and medium-sized companies often loose international opportunities because:

  • They believe globalization is only made for multinational companies,
  • Lack of market studies, contact, visiting fairs, prospecting,
  • Fear to contract Export Manager,
  • Ignoring subventions, International programs, Aids and grants.

International expansion can represent an opportunity to develop market shares, irrespective if your Business is in the industry or service sector.

If you are competitive in your own local market, there is a huge possibility that your company can sustain and succeed competition abroad.

Opportunity of International development

Some advantages:


. Develop international presence can reduce your dependency on domestic markets and mutualise risks on several Continents,

. Sharing risks on several currencies, several financial conditions (interests rates, financiation, aids, subventions),

. International business represents a real opportunity to win new customers and increase your turnover,

. Access to new technologies, new suppliers,

. Sometimes your business and financial models require rethinking your strategic approach,

. To find growth and profitability abroad,

. Reduced costs and improved margins by increasing production quantity,

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