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Before beginning a military campaign, a general reviews his troops, trains his men for battle, takes the measure of the adversary and prepares a strategy and various tactics.

Likewise, the engineer in charge of a construction project calculates the number of materials and tools needed and the number of workers for each specialty.

This seems to be a given, yet when it comes to international projects, far too many companies go on an adventure because they are ill-prepared. A prior diagnosis of the company is necessary.

How many times have we come across companies that wanted to enter the German market when there were no employees with a knowledge of the language, how many companies are convinced that it is enough to send a brochure in English regardless of the country or without worrying about local characteristics: sending a salesperson who only speaks Spanish to Catalonia?

Therefore, an inventory of the current situation is essential for the future success of your projects (exporting, importing, setting up a subsidiary, etc.).

These initial steps are neither a waste of time nor a waste of money, quite the contrary, it will allow you to save on useless expenses (orders, counter-orders, too short timing and loss of energy, loss of motivation, … due to unpreparedness).

Businixport with associates having more than 20 years of experience on international projects will carry out this vital diagnosis before starting your operations.

Therefore, at the end of this inventory, we will know what skills (International Trade techniques, languages, etc.) we have and whether or not it is necessary to outsource certain tasks to us or to certain service providers.

In the same way, the analysis of the capacities of your suppliers will allow us to assign the best actors for the success of your projects.

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