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Our experts have more than 20 years of experience in banking and as International Trade experts in large SMEs or multinationals.

We assist you in your international development, from market research to the search of new suppliers (sourcing/outsourcing)

Our consultants specialized in the import-export back-office (administrative, financial, legal aspect) will be able to guide you:
· To bring your import and export projects to life
· To secure and reduce the costs of your international contracts
· For you project of etablishing in a foreign country



The missions of the experts of Businexport agency bring you a high value assistance for:

  • Securing your international contracts, from the call for tenders to the end of the contract
  • Reduction of your import and sourcing costs
  • How can I pay my suppliers as late as possible while allowing the to be paid in cash?
  • Searching for pre-financing and financing for the start of production
  • Ensuring payments are made on the due date
  • Foreign exchange risk management
  • Reducing the risks on international guarantees or deposits
  • Optimize your logistics and customs operations


Le système de santé en Thaïlande

Le système de santé en Thaïlande

Le système de santé en Thaïlande L'une des demandes majeures de nos clients, en cas…

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Opportunity of International development

Opportunity of International development

Opportunity of International development International development is a challenge and a strategic business priority. Generally…

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How to adapt to Brexit Transition ?

How to adapt to Brexit Transition ?

How to adapt to Brexit Transition ?   Customs Bonded Warehousing can be of great…

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Trump declares war on French wine

The president of the United States accuses Paris of "taxing American wine a lot", while…

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Is the CFA Franc an asset or a handicap for Africa?

France requires African banks* to deposit half of their foreign exchange reserves as collateral in…

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Cocoa: Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire suspend their sales

Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana, the world's two largest producers, announced Wednesday that they would no…

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Azerbaijan bankrupt?

Azerbaijan's banking network is experiencing an unprecedented crisis. Four bankrupt banks are now directly managed…

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Servicios Businexport

Incoterms 2010

When importing or exporting, one has to think about the transporting part of the goods…

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The ECB will offer more than 1,000 billion at negative rates to the banks.

The results of the new wave of targeted very long-term loans offered to banks by…

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A low bankruptcy rate coming out of lockdown? A paradox no?

Data from the commercial court registries paradoxically show a lower than normal level of bankruptcies.…

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Why the liquidity of the euro-dollar has improved since 2015

The euro-dollar, the most liquid currency in the world, are the most active in the…

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Brussels proposes €750 billion recovery fund

The European Commission is proposing a €750 billion recovery fund to tackle the economic crisis…

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